Salem Bible Church
Upon request, we could send you our constitution and statement of faith...
   But in its simplest form;

       Our stand is on the basic truths of God's word...

          We believe that:
  1. The whole Bible is God's word!
  2. Jesus Christ is God and man.
  3. Christ, by His death alone, provides salvation for a lost world!
  4. Man, as an individual, has to believe on Jesus Christ to be saved!
  5. Salvation can NOT be:  Lost...  Stolen...  Given away!
  6. Jesus Christ will come again to rapture the church and then with the church to establish His millennial reign.
  7. God expects those who know Him, to serve Him until He returns!
   Our textbook for all classes is, the Bible!

      Also, as a church we believe in the importance of missions...
       As such, we support many servants who are carrying the message of Christ...
          Throughout the world!

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