Salem Bible Church
Coronavirus questions
 Here at Salem Bible Church we are very aware of the concerns people have during this pandemic crisis.
       We have returned to in-person services.  Videos will continue to be on the web site.
     For those at home?
        We want / need to stay connected with you.
            1. We will Live Stream the morning service on our Facebook page and here.
                  * - And we will post the services as replays on our web site under Sermons.
            2. We will use our prayer chain and email system to keep you informed of any changes.
            3. Ministry must go on.
                  * -  Sermons will be posted / Videos updated 
                  * - Missionaries will be supported.
                  * - Prayer needs will be passed along.
            4. What about giving?
                  * - Obviously during this crisis - Church needs must still be fulfilled.
                  * - You may give through the donations page until you are able to return to church. 
     What about Living Proof - Our children's ministry?
         Starting in a limited way with summer activities.  Please pray for wisdom.
     But if you are worried...
          Fear of the unknown is normal for everyone, including believers.
            But we have a secret weapon - The ability to trust a God who keeps His word.
               A good passage to claim today?

Psalm 91: 9 - 11


    If you make the Lord your refuge,

      if you make the Most High your shelter,

        No evil will conquer you;

            No plague will come near your home.

                For he will order his angels

                    To protect you wherever you go.

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